Beautiful wooden lantern in the shape of a house made of wood – plywood. Hand dyed and colored. Insert a lit electric candle and let the lantern be filled with a pleasant light! The lantern can be built as a decoration for furniture or freely on the floor.


Insert the electric candle from below, the lantern does not have a bottom.


The height of the lantern is 31 cm. The lantern comes with an LED light candle.



Hand made

All our products are created by hand in the workshop piece by piece, thus gaining a touch of individuality and exclusivity.


Natural materials

We work exclusively with natural materials, mainly with wood and plaster. Do not look for plastics with us!


Made with love

We love our work! We believe that this is the only way we can create beautiful and high-quality products that we can stand for!

The product is from the category of handmade, the dimensions may differ slightly from the description (+ - 5%), as well as the shade of color, but the main motif on the product is always preserved!

CAUTION, FLAMMABLE! Our products are made of natural materials, especially wood, so they are flammable! Never put an open flame into the lanterns, the lantern may start to burn!

Dimensions16 × 19 × 31 cm

wood, wood – plywood